A Huge Thank You to Our Helping SAVE Board!

We are so blessed to have such amazing and generous people on our board!

Jeanine – Thank you for your incredible support! Thank you for raising hundreds of dollars for our cause and giving up your time every week to come to our events! Thank you for staying up late raising money at our concert booths and making chapsticks for fundraisers. We are so blessed to have you!

Eva – Thank you for giving your time to serve as our counselor and almost all our events. Thank you for your ideas and support as well as being so willing to help watch my children so I can attend events! We are so grateful for you!

Brad – Thank you for supporting the nonprofit and being willing to sacrifice your time so I can run weekly events. We are grateful for your ideas and for dreaming with us as to the good we can do in the future.

As of 4.13.17 we have helped dozens upon dozens of survivors giving hope through Healing Bags and our classes. We have held over 11 Healing Yoga and Dance classes, and over 20 Healing Art classes. We are doing some wonderful good and we know there is so much more we want to do! – Hailey A








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