We currently offer three Healing Classes for free to our local community. These classes are specifically designed for sexual assault and sexual abuse survivors. We offer the classes free to survivors as well as their support who comes with them. A therapist and or a counselor will be present for support at every event. In the future we hope to offer many more classes such as self-defense and meditation, but at this time we offer

Healing Yoga

These are one and a half hour classes. We create peace and release stress within the body. Every step of the class has been prepared knowing the effect it may have on the emotions of the participants. Great care is taken to provide support.


Healing Art

This 1.5 hour class is taught by local artists Jim Cooper and Suemarie. Jim is a local watercolor artist who shares his talents with us. He teaches the very basics of watercolors and helps participants overcome the fear of rejection and failure through creating incredible original works. Suemarie teaches us how to discover our talents for drawing. We create beautiful pieces of art to take home each week in this basic intro to drawing class. Jim and Suemarie volunteer their time for us.

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