Criminal Definitions

There are many different definitions on the internet when it comes to sexual assault. I found definitions based on criminal code to be the most helpful to me personally. I wrote these summaries based off of the Utah Criminal Code (U.C.C.). Please refer to the code for more specific information. At the bottom I have included a link to RAINN’s list of definitions.

Rape: When a person has sex, including oral sex, with another person (any penetration) without the victim’s consent. This applies between married individuals and a victim who is unable to give consent for any reason. (U.C.C. 76-5-402 and 76-5-406)

Object Rape: Any penetration of the genital or anal opening of another with any object, device or body part (except genitals or mouth) without the victim’s consent. (U.C.C. 76-5-402.2)

Sodomy: Any penetration, without consent, of the mouth or anus of one person by the genitals of another. (U.C.C. 76-5-403)

Consent: An explicit affirmative to engaging in sexual activity. If consent is not given or is unable to be given, for any reason including intoxication or sleep, it is a crime. (U.C.C. 76-5-406)

Sexual Abuse: Touching or forcing someone to touch the anus, genitals, buttocks, or female breast without their consent. (U.C.C. 76-5-404)

Sexual Battery: Intentionally touching through clothing, or not, the anus, genitals, buttocks, or female breast without their consent. (U.C.C. 76-9-702.1)

Kidnapping: Intentionally detaining, restraining or transporting a victim without their consent. (U.C.C. 76-5-301)

Harassment: A written threat against another. (U.C.C. 76-5-106)

Hazing: Any activity where one person intentionally harms, endangers, shames, or frightens a person in order to join a group. (U.C.C. 76-5-107.5)

Human Trafficking (sexual exploitation): Keeping a person and forcing someone to do any sexual activity or aid in the production of pornography. (U.C.C. 76-5-308)

Stalking: A person acting in such a way to cause fear and emotional distress in another. (U.C.C. 76-5-106.5)

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Types of Abuse

Physical: scratching, slapping, hitting, punching, biting, choking, kicking, pulling hair, pushing, grabbing clothes, holding you down, throwing objects, preventing eating/sleeping, locking you in the house, forcing car off the road, breaking things, driving unsafe to scare you, hurting pets, stalking

Emotional: calling you names, using put downs, yelling/screaming, embarrassing you, isolation from friends and family, intimidation, stalking, threats, staring rumors, blaming you for their behavior, making you feel guilty about not consenting to sex, telling you what to do and wear

Psychological: breaking promises, isolation from friends and family, playing mind games, attacking your vulnerabilities, repeated threatening to leave/commit suicide, always claiming to be right, being unfaithful

Sexual: unwanted kissing or touching, unwanted rough sexual activity, rape or attempted rape, refusing to use condoms, restricting access to birth control, pressuring someone to have sex or perform sexual acts, using sexual insults, forcing you to engage in prostitution/pornography, forcing you to have sex with others, forcing you to watch your partner have sex with others, withholding sex as a form of control, recording sexual acts and sharing it without permission, any sexual touching of children or sexual acts with children.

Financial: harassing you at work, refusing to work, forcing you to sign documents, controlling your access to money, taking your money, making you ask for money, not including you in financial decisions, tracking everything you buy

Neglect: Inadequate food, clothing, shelter, education, medical help, or support of emotional needs.

Types of Abuse